Smart watering systems

Smart watering systems

Conserve Water with Our Smart Watering System

Water can be conserved when watering your lawn in several ways, and lower your water bill.

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1.install a smart irrigation system. A smart system utilizes all of the most current irrigation technology available today such as using low gallon nozzles instead of standard nozzles, special nozzles cover the same area as high gallon nozzles do except put out half, i said half of the h2o, saving you big $$$, also a redesign is sometimes needed to insure that your system is operating at its highest efficiency level possible. Has your current irrigation company recommended this ? There are other steps to take in operating a efficient irrigation system. And having lower water bills. Resulting in $$$ savings.

A. We recommend a soak and cycle procedure when applying water to your grass and landscaping. Soak and cycle watering works like this, you simply water 2 times a day but only for a short time say 5 min. Each time, 2 times a week is plenty for established landscaping.

The reason is because of a percolation concern, have you ever seen the water just flood and pool away into the street right down the drain (that's where your money is going) we have been digging and installing systems into the ground here in south florida for over 50 years and most communities have water drainage issues, lack of good percolation into the ground, if you water to long the water wont go down into the roots of the grass, plants and trees etc; where it needs to go. Thus your wasting h2o and $$$$.

B. Don't forget electricity for those of us on pumps (lake,canal or well systems) big savings there to. An average 1.5 hp pump on 220 volts can pull as much as 10 amps while running, and on 110 volts draw 19 amps of power that's a lot of kilowatts of energy. Shorter run time will save you more $$$. C. Make sure your rain sensor is properly installed, i repeat, properly installed i have seen many sensors not installed right by lazy or not professional company's, when your service tech. Is on site have he or she test the sensor as they do need some occasional re adjustment.

An operational sensor can save you more $$$. Have waterboy sprinkler pros,come out to do a free assessment of your system to see how much $$$ you can save by just making a few improvements, lets do our part to conserve h2o.

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