Parkland Lawn Sprinkler

Modernize Your Old System

Is your lawn looking a bit drab? A Parkland Lawn Sprinkler will give you full, even coverage and help your lawn grow lush and strong and you can get some of the best quality systems from Water Boy Sprinkler Specialists! You can call our professional staff whenever you need them, and we'll be there! With over 50 years of experience, our staff at Water Boy Sprinkler Specialists are able to get any job done! Call today for your FREE quote on a new system!

In Parkland, a Lawn Sprinkler can help you get the lawn you've always wanted. There's a system in our stock for you, and our talented staff can help you find the right one for your lawn. We have a dedicated service line for emergencies as well, so if you ever notice something wrong with your sprinkler system, you can always rely on us to be there. Our water conserving nozzles are in high demand, so call our team today to make sure you're getting the service you need!

Water Boy Sprinkler Specialists installs pumps and repairs lawn sprinkler systems in the South Florida Area. We have over 50 years expert experience working with both commercial and residential lawn sprinkler systems. Our expertise in head placement, wiring, and controls helps to create a properly designed and operated system that supplies water uniformly over your entire lawn without wasted runoff. We are a licensed (CC #83-CLS-379-X) and insured lawn sprinkler company that you can depend on. Ask about our smart system installation.