Fort Lauderdale Sprinkler Pumps

Modernize Your Old System

Fort Lauderdale for sprinkler pumps go to Water Boy Sprinkler Specialists. Our company has over 50 years of experience and is fully licensed and insured. We have sprinkler systems, smart watering systems, controller, and all things pertaining to irrigations systems. We can do small repairs, new installations, and also provide, maintenance commercial contracts. Our professional staff can handle any kind of project, regardless of size or how difficult it is. We want to help you keep your irrigation systems and lawn in top condition so you will benefit greatly from saving on water and electric bills. Keep your system functioning flawlessly to continue saving money.

Fort Lauderdale, for sprinkler pumps that you can always depend on, go to Water Boy Sprinkler Specialists. Our company is a firm believer in water conservation. Our highly effective nozzles are durable, simple to use, and provide flexible adjustments and matched precipitation rates that give high distribution uniformity and wind resistant droplets. If you use these nozzles you will receive full coverage during the spraying, and you will have the gorgeous landscape you always dreamed of. You can save on time, water consumption, and resources when you use the right heads for each area. When you have your heads properly installed under the ground you will greatly decrease repair expenses.

Water Boy Sprinkler Specialists installs pumps and repairs lawn sprinkler systems in the South Florida Area. We have over 50 years expert experience working with both commercial and residential lawn sprinkler systems. Our expertise in head placement, wiring, and controls helps to create a properly designed and operated system that supplies water uniformly over your entire lawn without wasted runoff. We are a licensed (CC #83-CLS-379-X) and insured lawn sprinkler company that you can depend on. Ask about our smart system installation.